1955[Krvavi put]Krvavi put



【导演】:Kåre Bergstrøm
【主演】: Mihajlo Pask Aljevic/Lalla Carlsen/Helge Essmar
【标签】: 剧情/战争
【语言】:Serbian / 挪威语
【上映时间】: 1955
【原名】:Krvavi put
【又名】:Blodveien/Highway Hell
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【IMDb链接】: tt0048269
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Krvavi put剧情介绍:

在这部Krvavi put剧情/战争片中,Yugoslav Partizans, captured by Nazis, are sent to concentration camps in distant Norway. The local population help some Partizans survive or flee to neutral Sweden. Provoked by the brutal actions of German occupier and his quisling collaborators, Kjetil helps the Yugoslavs internated in Norway. It seems that the escape of young Yugoslav Janko will fail in the moment when he meets Magnar, quisling collaborator and son of Kjetil. But, Kjetil is consistent with his principles. Trying to disarm his son and prevent him from doing the dishonest deed, Kjetil murders him and accompanies Janko to Swedish border, where freedom awaits him. CO-OPERATION WITH FOREIGN FILM-MAKERS The first-ever true co-productions in the Yugoslav film industry occured after the Second World War and involved producers from Austria. These were the films entitled Adventures of the Beautiful Irena (Nezgode lepe Irene), 1953, and The Last Bridge (Poslednji most), 1954, both by Helmut Keutner. The most successful co-production from the artistic and economic aspects alike was the Highway Hell (Krvavi put), 1955. It was co-directed by Rados Novakovic and Kare Bekstrom and it involved a Norwegian producer. Financial and artistic investments were shared in co-production films, resulting in smaller risks in the domestic market and easier access to third markets, so that Yugoslavia was an interesting country because of its wide variety of shooting sites, price competitiveness, skilled labour force and availability of equipment.

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